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Architectural Review Committee
The Architectural Review Committee is entrusted to review any home improvements that maintain a certain minimum standards, provisions and requirements for appropriate and acceptable design and minimum required criteria for home builders and homeowners implementing construction within Saxon Woods.
Items to be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee will include any improvement or structure of any kind, including without limitation, any building, dwelling, fence, wall, sign, site paving, grading, sewer, drain, disposal system, decorative lighting schemes, painting or alteration of a dwelling (including doors, windows, roof), installation of solar panels or other devices, construction of fountains, swimming pools, screened enclosures, spas, construction of privacy fences, additions of awnings, shelters, gates, flower boxes, shelves, statues, satellite dishes, TV antennas and landscaping.
Questions regarding the purview of the ARC can be sent to
Architectural Guidelines and Request Forms
Upon completion of your ACC Application, please forward to